We turn old billboards into Dirtbags to grant them a useful, fulfilling second chance. For the same reason the production of Dirtbags is accommodated by In-Made, part of the Justitieel Complex Zaanstad.

In-Made is an initiative of the Dutch Justice Department that considers work for detainees as an important part of the detention. The objective is to gain work experience, get used to a fixed daily schedule, and earn some money for internal spend. This significantly increases their chances on the labor market. The detainees are literally working on successful reintegration into society. Ex-prisoners with a job are less likely to revert into their old criminal behaviour.

And last but certainly not least there is Bernadette. Once a much celebrated top model, but when the years grew on her she was made redundant. We found her in a storage in Breukelen, Holland. Still full of beans, she’s now picked up her career again, happily displaying our goods.


The detainees learn the craft of fabricating our Dirtbags from experienced teachers, all specialists in their field. The simple but effective design of Dirtbags was done in cooperation with In-Made, in order to fit the (in)experience of the employees. This does mean that some Dirtbags leaving the workshop may differ slightly from what they looked like when ordered online where they are styled and generated digitally. As far as we’re concerned, the wear and tear of the fabric and possible production irregularities add to the flavour of Dirtbags; a second chance product with a personal signature in stitching.

And as initiators of Dirtbags,  we’d like to stress we’re stil in the start up phase, being a learning phase. So please take into account our management of Dirtbags in stock and order handling might run into some difficulties during the fulfilment proces. We will, of course, keep you posted if this should occur!