Graphic Carry All – L – the-ER



Key features:

  • Absolutely unique, one of a kind design.
  • Almost completely made from reused material
  • Extremely durable, will carry any weight you can lift in it
  • Very comfortable handles, made from thick cotton
  • Stitched together with the strongest yarn
  • Proudly made, by Dutch inmates

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The ultimate Dirtbag. Showing part of the design of it’s origin, the billboard, this Dirtbag stands out, is flashy, a bit gaudy even. Every Graphic Dirtbag is unique and will never be remade with quite the look. If you love your bag to attract envious eyes, for it’s looks and it’s many uses, this is your Dirtbag.

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Graphic Carry All - L - the-ER


Out of stock